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Perennial Pension & Wealth - Roseville, CA

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Perennial Pension & Wealth

(212) 532-3615

Perennial Pension and Wealth has the experience and expertise to help you through the seemingly insurmountable task of quantifying abstract desires. We work with you to come up with specifics of what your ideal future looks like and then provide guidance on how to determine what you need in dollar terms to achieve it. We diligently strive to provide combinations of investment vehicles that, working together, potentially provide the opportunity to reach your goals while focusing on the potential of reducing the most commonly overlooked aspect of investing - risk.

Perennial Pension and Wealth uses comprehensive risk assessment models. We not only compare the potential upside benefit vs. downside risk on all investment options, but we also do a comprehensive review of your personal and business risk to help find solutions specific to your situation. We are proactive in investment plan creations and provide tactical strategies when outside forces present both new challenges and potentially new opportunities. We view your portfolio in more than just stocks and bonds and look for alternative planning strategies that potentially recognizes the asymmetric distribution of risk and return.

Perennial Pension and Wealth assists with corporate sponsored retirement plans, pensions, 401k/profit sharing programs for all types of business entities as well as programs for the individual. Depending upon your needs, we can act with discretion (advisory-fee based accounts only) and coordinate actions on multiple platforms on your behalf. We have built our company from the ground up with the purpose of providing excellent service and have created the infrastructure to provide a customized experience for all clients.